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Holiday 2013:  Cultivating Quiet

Winter 2013: Goddess Rising, a Renaissance of Spirit

Fall 2012:    Emerging New World

Summer 2012: Bringing Divine Play (Lila) Into Your Life

Winter 2011: Consciousness is Everything                         

Learning Through Life

Summer 2010: Polishing the Jewel

Inward Focus, Outward Radiance

Spring 2010: Dance With The Divine                         

The Gift of Obstacles

Winter 2010: Consciousness is Everything                          

The Yoga of Presence

Fall 2009:    Revelation

    The Brilliance of the Moment

Summer 2009: Shakti and the Presence of the Divine

Follow the Shakti

Spring 2009:  Seva, Selfless Service

A Perspective on Service

Winter 2009: Transformation                         

Being the Change

January 2008: Beginnings

Adhikara, The Art of Studentship

March 2008: Grist for the Mill                         

Light Work

June 2008: Satya (Honesty, Commitment to the Truth)                     

    Establishing Your Highest Relationship with the World

July 2008: Sthira Sukham (Steadiness and Ease)                   




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