Will Doran, The Yoga Coach

Yoga-Meditation-Stress Reduction Workshops

With over thirty five years of studying and practicing diverse personal development, meditation and spiritual teachings, in conjunction with being a family and business man, I have unique qualifications for effecting positive changes in people’s lives.  Having a strong background in both Western and Eastern philosophies I have the language and skill to effectively communicate universal principles in a non-dogmatic or culturally charged way.

My teaching style is light hearted and personal.  I strive to create a sense of common ground and exploration of shared issues that we all face.  With the application of diverse techniques I teach ways to tap into inner strength and create personal empowerment and a sense of connection with others.  Cooperation, team building, clear communication, perspective broadening are some of the topics covered.

My workshops are customizable to your specific needs. Stress reduction and meditation can be combined with yoga movement, or each taught separately.  I have designed a 4-hour presentation that I conduct quarterly for King County Government.  This workshop has consistently received high scores for content and presentation.  Call me if you would like to discuss how I may serve your needs: 206 861-2775, or email me at