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Mexico Yoga  Retreat with Will Doran   ~    May 13 to May 19, 2018


Thank you for choosing to join us in Mexico!

       Please fill in the form below and click “Send.”

Once your registration form is sent mail your deposit payment to:
Will Doran, 9537 1st Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98117. OR electronically transferred funds to Will Doran’s Bank America account# 0080763162, Routing Number 125000024)

You will receive a follow-up confirmation call or email when your registration is received.   Further instructions and travel tips will be mailed out two weeks prior to retreat date. You may also contact Will with your questions:  text/call 206 861-2775.

Note that you can save money by sharing a room and splitting the cost.  If you want to be matched up with someone to share a room let me know and I will attempt to do so.   The $200 per-person deposit must be paid to hold your spot.

Make sure you hit the SEND button at the end of the form. This is different than the SUBMIT button at the very bottom of the page in the “Leave a Reply” section.


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Deposit / Initial Payment
Total Payment at this time (to be mailed in OR electronically transferred to Will Doran's Bank America account# 0080763162, Routing Number 125000024)
Amount still owed after deposit
Payment Options
How did you hear about this retreat?
What is your level of yoga experience?
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