Individualized Support

        I help individuals who are committed to making positive changes in their lives achieve their goals, to align with their dreams and take action to serve their highest vision.   This process is one of defining your unique personal journey and the strategies to get you where you want to go.   If this sounds compelling to you, and you are ready to make a shift into something better,  I offer you my undivided attention and service as a compassionate and personal-support specialist ready to bring out  the best in you.

       With my support as your coach you can learn the skills to  move from resistance and uncertainty into clear and precise action that will create accomplishment and satisfaction.  Whether  we meet over-the-phone or through in-person sessions, my commitment is to you and your success and achievement.  I will share my many years of spiritual and personal development experience with you to craft the purpose-filled life you desire.  You will find that having this level of individual support and insight highly indispensable.  I would love to be your guide.


About Life Coaching

Hiring a life coach is about bringing in more clarity, focus, purpose and personal empowerment into your life.  My role as your Personal Life Coach is to be your champion, to help you succeed and to thrive.  As your personal support specialist I can help you:

    • Deepen your connection to your core essence and who you want to be

    • Transform personal relationships

    • Make optimal career choices

    • Learn to set healthy boundaries

    • Turn your dreams into achievable goals

    • Align with your deepest values

    • Connect to playfulness and creativity

    • Create a vibrant and healthy body

    • Find your source for joy and contentment

    • Face the unknown with confidence and clarity

Are you ready to experience life with new vibrancy?

Give me a call and I can schedule a time to talk and give you a free sample of life coaching relative to what is on your mind.

Will Doran  ~   206 861-2775




 Life Coaching Services

One-on-one coaching sessions give you personalized support around your life and issues.  My clients report that in our sessions they feel like they are heard and supported like in few other relationships.  The focus in our sessions is solely about helping you get clear about your core values, what you want to achieve, and how to implement and monitor various strategies for success.  As your coach I hold you accountable for the achievement you define for yourself and keep you on track as you go through the process of self-discovery and achievement.  You will learn how to take action from your own inner knowing and strengthened self awareness.    We truly create a partnership that revolves around you bringing in more satisfaction with your life on all levels.

Coaching sessions are usually done once a week over the phone and last about 45 minutes to an hour.   I am open to customize this service in any way that will further your goals and growth.  This includes face to face coaching or working with you and your partner together.

Coaching fees:  $65 per session.  I request that my clients pay for 4 sessions, $260, in advance. I am flexible to work out the frequency of sessions and duration of our working together; emphasis is on action and results.  I have found that once an individual is at the place in their life where they are committed to a change or the achievement of a goal it is important to acknowledge the process and commitment that is required for the desired end result.  My request is that you give yourself the time for discovery, refinement and success.  Group rates will be calculated based on the number of individuals involved and the location of services provided.




Weddings Officiating

As a certified minister-at-large I can help you formulate and perform the wedding ceremony you desire.  I am open to officiate your specific ceremony, and can also provide a time-proven template that can be customized to your specific request.


Marriage facilitation and officiating is all about helping you create the right ceremony for you that reflects your values and symbolic gestures, and personalized statements to each other.  This service is highly flexible in that my goal is to meet your needs.  A typical marriage coaching agreement includes two meetings to discuss the particulars of what you desire in your ceremony, and then the service itself.  I am able to supply samples of rituals and custom design what you choose to meet your tastes.


I charge $195 for the two preparatory meetings and for performing the wedding ceremony itself. Traditionally we meet at my location and then perform the ceremony at the venue of your choice (in the greater Seattle area).


I also remain open to supply my creative touch to any other ceremony or ritual you would like for your specific need.




Payment Options

I charge $65 per session and require at least a 4-session commitment.

Personal Check: You can make a payment with a personal check and mail it to  William Doran, 9537 1st Ave. NW, Seattle, WA  98117

Credit Card: I accept credit card payment through PayPal, the EBay transaction service.   It is a secure service that doesn’t cost the user to join and use. To make a payment click on button below or go to and then click on the “Send Money” tab.  You must have a  PayPal account, which is easy and free to set up.   Enter my email address as the “account to make a payment to”.

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