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Fall 2012 Yoga Newsletter

· Yoga Perspective: Emerging New World

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· Yoga Perspective: Emerging New World

In the 1980s I was deeply involved in the study of metaphysics and the dawning of New Age consciousness. During that time there was a growing discussion of how the Mayan calendar prophesied a time of profound transformation in the year 2012. This time was foretold to be a period in which one world would end and a new world of consciousness and harmony would emerge. Now, more than twenty five years later, I can see the signs of accelerated transformation unfolding before us. I can see more and more people recognizing the speed in which change is occurring and the diversity of ways it is unfolding. In addition to an increase in seeking a quality of life over accumulating more material wealth there is also a technological shift advancing our communication and connection to one another. We are redefining who we are and how we choose to live with more intention and transparency; quality of life is becoming an inside-out shift in perception of who we are and what is important to us. These shifts give me great hope for our future and our ability to cultivate the required strength for steadfastness during the shifting winds of change.

Darwin wrote about the evolution of species not so much as a constant steady change but as a force of punctuated equilibrium, or quantum leaps causing profound transformations in a short period of time. As we take note of the events unfolding around us on so many levels I believe we can see a world shift emerging. It has the potential to spiral us up into a new order of being in which we can experience radiant health, abundance, expanded creativity and freedom from fear. Forces are at play that are bring us closer together and sensitizing us to our interconnected needs. This shift not only points out the weaknesses in our current systems, but also it is a profound impetus that compels us to overcome our challenges through a deeper understanding of what is concurrently unfolding on the individual and social levels.

There is a growing force for transformation and empowerment that is kicking our spiritual identity into high gear. This is a non-dogma oriented shift of perception that is creating more union-consciousness and sensitivity towards our place in the world as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience. The negative aspects of our predominant pattern of living as material beings is the very force that is compelling us to radically change our point of view about our true nature and our relationship to the world in which we live. It is out of necessity that we are shifting from a material emphasis to one of quality of life, health, vibrancy and awareness of our interdependency with the natural world upon which we are intricately connected.

The state of crisis we can observe so abundantly on so many levels indicates that the time for creating and expressing a higher reality is upon us, now. We are starting to see that cooperation and collaboration are critical qualities for uplifting our social and economic systems. Collective cooperation leads to collective consciousness, and as author Barbara Marx Hubbard states, we must create a new coherence in a sea of chaos. In the spiritual journal Light of Consciousness (Winter, 2012 issue) she writes that we are experiencing an evolution into a co-creative life that wants to partner with Spirit and be aligned with nature. She refers to this as “the shift of identity from ego to Essence” in which our evolution is taking us into a deepening sense of responsibility and sensitivity to a holistic systems approach to living. I can see this unfolding around us in many ways in an ever-accelerated pace.

There is a force at play that is reshaping our world view from an ego-centered material view towards a perception that we are all in this together. Technology is expanding our capacities to communicate and share ideas in a way that is creating a new critical mass for evolution; we are forming new extended families and going more directly to the source for information not processed through a tightly controlled media. The Internet is transforming our ability to express ideas, seek collaboration, explore concepts and develop new systems from a grassroots level. Web sites such as (Technology, Education and Design) reveal that there are incredible minds at work bringing new concepts and ideas to the forefront of humanity at large. Through technology there is a burgeoning transparency of information and a collaborative effort to share in an open-source level of consciousness. Indeed, the number of intelligent and creative people working on a vastly diverse level of thought is evolving our consciousness into its next highest rung on the evolutionary ladder and the change is staggering in its breadth.

Science and Spirit are merging into a re-visioning of our world and our place in it. We are deepening our awareness of fields of energy and how we, the individual, as well as a collective people, can bring about changes and manifest in co-creative ways. Quantum mechanics theory points out how the power of our mind affects reality, how matter is much more fluid and malleable than what we had previously thought. As we explore this new empowerment we are discovering that we are not outside of nature and do not have to conquer it as such. On the spiritual level we are coming back to the ancient Indian teachings espoused in the Upanishads. They point to our evolution into a state of awareness in which we see ourselves as aspects of the higher Self, or unified field of Consciousness: we are part of the divine collective whole. The sages called this our true identity, one that reveals to us our intrinsic goodness. This unfolding soul force is moving us into a deeper understanding of our interconnectivity with each other and our environment. We are learning that we are capable of transforming our reality into something more akin to a golden age, and that there is a sense of urgency in doing so.

Self discovery is intimately connected to a sensitivity to the vibration of energy pulsing in us, through us and around us. It is an unfolding awareness that fosters intuitive knowledge and a deepening connection with feelings and empathetic connections to others. The power of mind also is being recognized as a potent co-creative force that creates and expands the energetic field that shapes our biology. Medicine, quantum physics and spirituality are becoming bedfellows in a way that is reshaping medicine and our state of health. I take delight in seeing how the concept of holism, which states that every part is involved in a connected system, is being recognized for its timely relevance for it has long been the underlying precept of the exponentially-expanding practice of Yoga. We are craving an understanding of how everything is tied together, both on the individual as well as universal level. Through Yoga we experience the physical body, the subtle energetic body, mental vibrancy, and spiritual levels all integrated into one. The art of Yoga gives us a vehicle for moving into what the physicist call a singularity, or what the yogis call unity consciousness. This gives me great hope for humanity for as more individuals take up the responsibility for creating healthy bodies and minds it also opens our perception to the need to strengthen all our systems across the human playing field. This, I believe, is having a great affect on the growing awareness that our thoughts and perceptions of unity consciousness can guide our actions and transform the individual and society as a whole. As an evolving field of love and mutual concern grows so too will our awareness for the need to care for one another and deepen a sense of connectivity to a higher order of being.

The ancient teachings hold that harmony is inevitable because it is our true nature. It is inevitable that as the growing number of individuals become more conscious of our interconnection we will act more responsibly towards each other. I can see that more and more of us are choosing to be mindful of our higher calling to evolve as spiritual beings. We are forging more intimate relationships with the presence of Spirit and the creative forces of nature, within and around us. This gives me great hope and optimism for a world being shaped by forces of accelerated positive change brought about by an expanding awareness of the powerful we possess as a collective whole. Even with the current state of heightened political awareness and global changes in weather I can see that there is an amazing unfolding of intelligence and creativity.

I encourage you to go out of your way to explore what is happening below the surface. Don’t just rely on what is reported in the general media, go deeper. Take note of the language we are using and the shifts towards collaboration and interdependence. Recognize the way that spirituality is emerging as a natural expression of our humanity. You’ll see that we are rapidly evolving even though the shadow side of our earthly condition is precariously perched on the edge of an evolutionary cliff. Hold onto the light and bring it forth wherever you can! Collectively we are co-creating an emerging new and positive future that will herald many changes that is uplifting us as a whole. Be brave, do your part. Center yourself in the heart and make every-day living an aspect of this unfolding bold new world.


· Yoga and Mexican Cooking Retreat ~ April 15 to 19, 2013

Come join me next Spring in a Yogic exploration of delights in Sayulita, Mexico. Staying right on the beach we will weave a practice of play, learning to cook delights from a wonderful Mexican chef, and enjoy opening into a yoga practice of play, meditation and centering into our highest Self, all bathed in the temperate tropical heat of Mexico!

Find more information at my website and take advantage of a 10% early registration discount. Prices start at $895 and include room, board, cooking classes and yoga.

· Class Schedule and Services

Sunday: 11:15 am – 12:30 pm at Olympic Athletic Club in Ballard   6:30 pm – 7: 45 pm at Olympic Athletic Club in Ballard

Monday: 12:00 noon to 1:15 pm at Olympic Athletic Club in Ballard

Thursday: 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm in my home yoga studio – Space now available

$12 drop-in fee, mats and blocks provided. This is a class for students looking for an

intimate and personalized community class exploring the playful joy of a strong practice.

Friday: 12:00 noon to 1:15 pm at Olympic Athletic Club

Saturday: 10 am to 11:15 morning class at the Phinney Neighborhood Center.

$10 drop-in class fee. Mats and blocks provided.


Inquire about these other services I provide:

~ Private Yoga Instruction and/or therapy

~ Special group classes at your location

~ Wedding ceremony officiating

· Life Coaching / Personalized Support

I am a certified Personal Life Coach and can help you transform your life, work and personal relationships. I work on a deeply personal individual level to help you achieve goals, make profound changes and cultivate the wisdom to carry you into a delightful unfolding of your greatest and highest good. Give me a call (206 861-2775) or check out the details at First trial session is FREE!

· Suggested Resources


Birth 2012 and Beyond, Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution, by Barbara Max Hubbard.

Great Swan, Meetings with Ramakrishna, by Lex Hixon. This beautiful story of the life of one of India’s most beloved contemporary sages reveals how powerful the cultivation of an intimate relationship with Divine Mother can transform a life and community.

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May your heart be filled with peace, joy and light.



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